Spring Nail Trends 2013


Pale Nails: For the minimalist in us all. This is what we call the “Weekday Nail” and generally what we rock all work-week long.

-Revlon “Sheer Cotton”-


Diagonal Mani / Geometric Patterns: Once Friday hits, it’s time for a little fun! To achieve this easy look, we put scotch tape over completely dry pale nails in a diagonal direction and painted over the nail with a pop of color. We love the idea of an accent nail, so we switched it up on the ring finger and added the forever-trending Spring color…Coral!

-Essie “Tart Deco” / OPI “If You Moust You Moust”-


Pastels: Last week we did pastel eyes, now it’s time for pastel nails. Our current fave is this pretty lilac shade from OPI (Rumples Wiggin’), but we’re also obsessed with mixing our own colors. Use a paper plate to mix a good amount of white nail polish with just a hint of a boldly-colored polish, and you’ve got a pastel! All of a sudden, St. Patty’s Green becomes a soft mint hue, and a few polishes become hundreds!

-OPI “Rumples “Wigglin'” / Revlon “Posh” / OPI “If You Moust You Moust” / Nicole by OPI “Wild Blue Yonder”-


Ombre Two Ways: No matter how you do this look, you are going to end up with a fun, flirty, and unique set of nails! To achieve the look on the left, paint a light shade all over the nail. Then, take an unused eyeshadow wand (the kind that comes in drugstore shadow palettes) and work your way down the nail with the darker hue. Finish it off with a clear glossy polish. Use the white nail polish trick for this look as well, like we did with Orly “Basket Case” to get our lightest shade of pink.

-Essie “Devil’s Advocate” / Orly “Basket Case” / OPI “Anti-Bleak” –


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