LSP Heads to Austin!


Hello lovely friends! We’re bringing you the next few posts from Austin, Texas…yee-haw! Let’s kick things off with a little bit of denim. Ok, a lot of denim.


Instead of going full-on Levi’s (although that would have been fun!), we went with these printed jeans inspired by British teacups. These are the Spring/Summer version of one of our favorite winter finds, the Madewell Photoflower Cords, because they work perfectly as a neutral despite the print.


To keep with the theme, we paired the jeans with a cute denim vest. Love the contrasting blue around the collar!


Now off to find some Tex-Mex! [Mmmm…]

Vest: F21/ Shirt: H&M/ Pants: Madewell/ Sandals: F21


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