Bohemian Beach Waves

Beach Waves Vertical

The beach wave look is an effortlessly cool, natural hairstyle for summer. Prep time for this look is only about 10 minutes (after blow/air-dry time). The key ingredient for beach waves is sea salt spray, which is a great product to have on hand in the summer. Even without a curling iron, sea salt spray will add some great texture and waveyness to ultra-straight hair.

Bohemian Beach Waves

  1. Spray roots of damp hair with root lifting spray. Air or blow dry.*
  2. Divide hair into two sections (upper and lower). Pin upper section up with hair clips.
  3. Working with a 1″ piece of bottom section hair at a time, curl hair away from face. Wrap center of strands around iron, avoiding curling ends of hair. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat for all bottom section strands.
  4. Remove clips and repeat process for upper strands, curling hair away from face and avoiding ends.
  5. Comb through hair with fingers, loosening the curled waves. Spray with sea-salt spray, both on top and underneath hair. Scrunch with fingers.

*I sometimes use a light hair oil in the summer after showering to reduce frizz. I only use a touch of oil at the ends of hair, as my hair is fine and this can easily weigh it down. My go to is Moroccan Oil. To apply, I place a small drop of oil in my palm, rub palms together to warm oil and lightly comb through hair, twisting various end pieces for texture.

BEach WAves Horizontaljpg


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