V-day at Home: What to Snack On (Hint: Pistachios, Chocolate, and Raspberries!)

pistachio pairing w

Lovely Disclaimer: By posting this pairing I am entering a contest sponsored by Pistachio Health Institute and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.

Mmmm…. Salty, sweet, intense, satisfying. Words to describe this indulgent combination of in-shell pistachios, dark chocolate, fresh raspberries, and creamy almond milk. It’s the perfect snack option if you’re planning on spending Friday at home with (or without) your sweetie.

In-shell pistachios are not only tasty, but also have a few great pluses that go along with their tiny little shell. The shell helps to both slow the pace of you chomping them down (which is always a good thing when eating nutrient-dense food) and serves as a reminder for how many nuts you’ve consumed.

To recreate this pairing, pick a nice serving plate and arrange in-shell pistachios with raspberries and your favorite dark chocolate. Grab one or two glasses (with really cute straws) and fill to the brim with creamy almond milk! If you’re curious about making your own almond milk, scroll down below to watch my quick how-to video. (Subscribe to A Lovely Side Project on YouTube for more fashion and food videos [coming soon, my Valentine’s Day Lookbook].)

Alternatively, you can shell the pistachios and mix them with chocolate shavings (use a potato peeler on a dark chocolate bar) and fresh raspberries in a cute ramekin.

pistachio salad

Enjoy lovelies!

Almond milk video coming soon! Subscribe to the channel here so you won’t miss it.


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