Raw BRownies with Spooky Sauce  Brownies with Spooky Sauce [GF, V]

FrostedRiceKrispiesBite  Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats [GF, V]


pumpkin roll close Pumpkin Roll [GF, V]


samoas close up Caramel Delights [GF, V]

peanut butter patties Chocolate Peanut Butter Patties [GF, V]

shortbread cookies Shortbread Cookies [GF, V]


cashew cream Cashew Cream [GF, V]

COCOnutCream Chocolate Frosting [GF, V]

Vegan Cinnamon Frosting  Cinnamon Frosting [GF, V]

coconut whipped cream Coconut Whipped Cream [GF, V]

peanut butter cream Peanut Butter Cream [GF, V]

Cream ingredients  Pumpkin Cream [GF, V]

Fruit Crisps

CHerry Crisp in DIshes_edited-1  Cherry Almond Crisp [GF, V]

Ice Cream

Vegan Cherry Garcia  Cherry Garcia Ice Cream [GF, V]


S'mores Pops  S’mores Pops [GF]

Sweet Dips

cookie dough dip close Protein-Packed Cookie Dough Dip

Sweet Sauces

chocolate dipped shortbread Dairy-Free Chocolate Sauce [GF, V]

carmel dip Naturally-Sweetened Caramel Sauce [GF, V]

Blended Sauce  Spooky Sauce [GF, V]


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