IMG_3106_1 Kale Chips [GF, V]

tortilla chips Spicy Tortilla Chips [GF, V]


Salsa in bowl  Black Bean and Roasted Corn Salsa [GF, V]

chipotle hummus Chipotle Hummus [GF, V]

Peach Salsa Chips and Cilantro Chipotle Peach Salsa [GF, V]

guacc Lovely Guacamole [GF, V]

sriracha hummus Sriracha Hummus [GF, V]

Nut Butters

Chocolate ALmond Butter Triple Chocolate Almond Butter [GF]

Onion Rings

onion rings Baked Onion Rings [GF, V]


Chia Flax Seed Popcorn Chia Flax Popcorn [GF, V]


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